Hi all! I’m Ashley. I was a member YEARS ago when w+f first launched. I went without social media for quite awhile and I’m finally back. I loved this community and I’m excited to be with parents who get it again. My oldest, Aldyn, has autism, adhd, and mild odd. He’s going to be 12 next month and he is beginning his first full year of homeschool. My middle is Axton, and he has 22q Deletion Syndrome (specifically Velocardiofacial) and Peters anomaly in his left eye. He’s 8 and he’s in a self contained class in public school. My youngest, Amerson, has adhd, global developmental delays, and borderline autism. He’s 6 and in a neurotypical classroom in public school. I love advocating for funding and support in special needs classrooms. I’m a Christian and like to spend my free time doing a devotional, Bible study, or discount shopping! My husband and I have been married for 10 years next month and we live in SC. (I also have a blog about special needs motherhood from a Christ based perspective!

Posted by ashsavshaw at 2022-07-29 20:28:49 UTC