Surrounded by amazing mothers. Surrounded by questionable mothers. The world is filled with moms. And sometimes moms don't always make the right call when parenting their child. It was obviously clear this weekend while we were on a family holiday. We decided to go to the trampoline park as one of our first stops on our family holiday. We were quickly reminded why we don't leave our home. Both the boys were living their best lives at the trampoline park. But we had various run-ins with awkward and intense experiences with other individuals that were also there. Not all kids want to play with our boys. And honestly as a mother I completely understand & respect that. Jackson was getting bullied hard though by kids much older & bigger than him. These kids were finding joy & entertainment in tormenting Jackson. This group of boys threw him in the foam pit & were wrestling him down. As I caught what was happening and about to take charge of the situation, one of the other parents stepped in. Only one other parent stepped in with various parents all standing and letting their children bully and physically restrain our son. The parent who stepped in when chaos broke out came and talked to me after, thank you. You apologized for what happened. Thank you. You apologized for what other people's kids did. Thank you. I could see it in her face the endless concern for our son Jackson. Thank you I could see she cared by her 15 min endless apology for what had happened. Jackson was fine. Jackson is incredibly tough & feels no pain ever. I guess what I am saying is that sometimes it is nice that someone cares & recognizes that their children can be little dicks. Literally exactly how I explained it to Natalie, our daughter. Me and Natalie sat and watched Avery & Jackson continue to jump while we discussed how kids are dicks. No sugar coating over here. Real talk. Now let me tell you why. Natalie is right in the middle of the action always when something is happening with the boys. She is like their protector even when we tell her not to be. She will not let these boys get bullied, harassed or mistreated. She is an incredibly amazingly beautiful sister. Which is great but Natalie is confused why people can't all be kind to everyone, end of story. I believe in being real & explaining things the way they actually are to our daughter Natalie. So after a million questions & some good chats. Natalie now understands that there is always going to be some kid being rude, mean or mistreating her brothers. That is just the world we live in. But we are to never do those things to others. The boys aren't like other kids & that's okay. At the trampoline park we were surrounded by mothers. And only one mother was amazing enough to fix, acknowledge & apologize to me with what happened. I told Natalie " Now that mother is an amazing mother , not a questionable one ". The world needs more of those mothers, they will always be a teammate to moms like me.

Posted by journeyforavery at 2022-08-02 14:15:19 UTC