I could see. I could see everyone as they were glancing over. Some stares mixed with odd looks. Avery, our oldest son is 11 years old. Avery is diagnosed with severe non verbal autism. Avery was determined to ride this barney train ride. Our family was on summer vacation recently which put us in various situations and experiences where one thing was clear. As Avery ages he sticks out in a world that wasn't made for him. I find myself feeling sad in these moments every so often. You see he wasn't bothering anyone while sitting in the barney train ride but people were looking as he flapped his hands & hummed louder and louder. It must look strange to see an older child in a ride like that. It is not acceptable in the society we live in. It is becoming more clear as Avery ages that leaving the house breaks my heart a little more each time. Society judges before giving this boy a chance to be himself. I let people stare, I let them look because their looks and stares along with judgemental gestures don't matter. Now let me tell you why. Avery is happy. In the most simple moments Avery finds joy & happiness that is pure. I am not going to stop Avery from doing something or participating in an activity because it makes others uncomfortable. Avery does not need to change or mold into someone else while we are outside the comfort of our home. Society needs to change the way they look at our children. Society needs to accept that our children may do things a little differently & that is okay. Judge less & accept that difference in all of us.

Posted by journeyforavery at 2022-08-03 18:06:29 UTC