Let’s talk haircuts…Teddy has super thick, curly hair and he has always hated to have it touched, washed, and combed. But the worst, by far, has been haircuts. When we lived in MI, we were so lucky that his daycare provider was also a stylist and she was the only one who could get him to sit through a haircut without it torturing him. But that was over three years ago and we have had to go it alone since. Every single time was a PRODUCTION that lasted hours with tears (so many tears), screaming, bribes, more screaming, kicking, breaking things. My husband had to hold him while I bobbed and weaved with the clippers. But last month he asked if he could get his hair cut at “the hair cut house” with his sister for back to school. Today was the day. I armed him with my AirPods to help drown out the dryer noise, YouTube, and a promise of Culver’s, all with a pit in my stomach. To my surprise, he bounced into the salon, full of excitement and energy! He was insisting that the stylist only use scissors because he wanted it quiet, but after she cut the top, she asked him if she could try the clippers. He said yes! And then broke out in a big smile when he realized that they weren’t loud at all. My little Teddy Bear got a salon hair cut today and came out with a grin 😁

Posted by Meghan at 2022-08-20 00:11:44 UTC