& just like that we rushed up into the city. Avery actually was thrilled to go to the dentist which tells me how much his mouth is hurting him. Thankful for people who get it. Thankful for people who understand. Simply because it isn't always that way. It's hard sometimes for people to understand that Avery can't always simply tell us what is wrong. We had the best service & also the most understanding dentist and team. Avery has been not himself for days which resulted in high fevers, no sleep & throwing up mixed in with manic behaviors & the most aggression we have seen in awhile. After being at the dentist for not that long we found out exactly what is happening & why it is causing Avery so much stress & pain. 6 teeth are all trying to come in at once. Plus Avery really irritated the one which caused the severe swelling & more severe pain. Averys mouth is hurting but we just gotta let it do its thing & stay on meds so he stops pulling teeth out & doesn't cause anymore damage in his mouth. We still need to watch him very closely & he will be on meds for pain management for a while till all his teeth come in. This life of ours is a tad chaotic most days but it is nice knowing when a crisis hits our home that most people understand that we are trying our best. And that is always good enough.

Posted by journeyforavery at 2022-08-23 17:13:07 UTC