Today nothing went to plan. This morning we needed to take Avery into emergency. Avery had an incident at school which resulted in a fairly large and deep open cut on his head. Avery is in rough condition & we could use all the prayers. My nerves are shot & it has been a fairly chaotic stress filled day. Way to many hours in a hospital. Thank you so much to the wonderful medical team that is taking such great care of Avery. Hospital visits are hard for Avery as he hates when we go. Avery got fairly upset just being at the hospital but I am thankful for the amazing staff that helped us navigate everything the best way possible. Avery needed to be put under this afternoon. We are waiting to see if he stops throwing up currently. Avery will be away from school for a bit till he can heal. Our life is never dull & days like this I sure would like one dull day.

Posted by journeyforavery at 2022-09-28 14:49:42 UTC