A few days ago nothing went to plan. We have had some rough days between no sleep & high stress. Avery had an incident at school which resulted in a fairly large and deep open cut on his head. Avery has been awake since before 1 AM. When he is awake , I am awake. My nerves are shot & it has been a fairly chaotic stress filled week for us. Avery will be away from school & need even closer supervision till his head is healed. We worry about him reopening the wound since he is determined to do so. We are in survival mode. When our family is in crisis like we are now it is all hands on deck. We have 2 other children who need us. Our youngest Jackson is also on the spectrum & he is really struggling this week with the lack of routine. I am trying to stay calm, deep breathing & taking all of this one moment at a time. But I am doing it all on little to no sleep with our oldest child Avery who is really hurting & sleep deprived in a manic state. This is all just to much.

Posted by journeyforavery at 2022-09-29 13:49:33 UTC