This might help. Just an idea. For those who have their kids back in public education let me share this with you. This week I am in numerous IEP meetings for various children all in different stages of their education journey. IEP meetings can be overwhelming for parents regardless of how many they have been at. But I am here to make them not so overwhelming. In case you're curious and wondering why I am in IEP meetings for other people's children. Let me share this with you for the last handful of years I have sat in many meetings. A bridge of communication between parents and schools. A bridge of support between parents and what resources they need. It takes a village. And I am so lucky to be included and be asked by families and also various school teams to sit in on a meeting and give suggestions and also input to help see a child succeed in education. Families need support too. So I specialize in helping families feel seen and heard at the IEP meeting and also understand what is happening before the meeting, during and after. I fell into this position many years ago & think it's a privilege to have the opportunity to work closely with some of the most respected and recognized schools, therapists, social service workers & organizations. Not everyone gets to do what I have the privilege of doing & the way I see it is I must be offering something & have value because I officially have served & supported over 200 individual families in small ways or big ways in person or virtually. So today I want to share this chart with you all, it's one of my favorite resources I have to share. IEP Evidence LOG - The purpose of this is to track and log in the classroom setting. First column ( Date ) Second column ( Goal & Objective ) Third column ( Comments )

Posted by journeyforavery at 2022-10-17 17:56:07 UTC