Six Halloween Tricks for those kids with sensory sensitivities: Visual Schedule- Written schedule or one with pictures can be used to let your child know what activities or events he/she will be participating in. This can help avoid “meltdowns” since your child will know what to expect. Social Stories- Talk about what Halloween is and what to expect. Food Allergies or Sensitivities- Have a backup treat, such as toys or natural fruit candy. Costume- Have your child practice wearing the costume they are planning to use for the event days before. Talk about how the costume makes them feel. Is it too tight? Does it make them itchy? Is it slippery? Have some back up clothes that your child can wear. Also, remind your child that they don’t have to wear a costume to dress up for Halloween. Other options include wearing Halloween themed clothes (a shirt with a black cat, witch etc.) or pretend clothes (dress up like a pumpkin by wearing an orange shirt). Celebrate at home or have a small party- If your child is scared of the dark or is sensitive to sound it might be easier to celebrate at home or have a small Halloween themed party. Also going outside to trick or treat earlier in the evening when it is not as dark might help too. Give your child options- If your child does not want to participate or ring a bell or dress up its ok! Providing options can minimize “meltdown.” What do you experience as challenging for your child this holiday and/or what have you found helpful for your family?

Posted by tsantistebanot at 2022-10-21 12:45:18 UTC