I blinked. And apparently 33 showed up. Maybe you don't remember but when 30 showed up I didn't take it really well. I was thinking of shaving the side of my head, getting a tattoo that I would ultimately regret & buying a fur coat that I would obviously look ridiculous in. My husband reminds me constantly, every single year when my birthday rolls around " it's just a number ". And maybe there is some truth to that. I am 33 years old as of today. With much more than 33 problems in my life. I am 33 years old as of today. With 33 grateful blessings as of this morning. I am 33 years old as of today & nothing has truly changed. I still love to advocate for my boys & others who need a voice in their corner. I still have this overwhelming drive to help others that need support. I won't be sharing less or speaking less to make others comfortable. Some people think I am too much. & at 33 years old I am reminding those same people you are free to go find less. I blinked & apparently 33 showed up today. & for the first time in my life, I feel like everything I want, dreamed of & hoped for is within my reach. The year of being 33 years old is where everything happens my friends & I am glad you are all here with me for it.

Posted by journeyforavery at 2022-10-27 15:39:29 UTC