It would be silly not to give a Halloween tip this week! Safety is always a concern especially for our kiddos with little or no verbal skills. It’s harder for them to participate or advocate for themselves. So here are a few #experttipoftheweek you can consider: 💀 Be sure to select a costume that your child can see ok with (especially with masks or hoods!) 🗺 Help them become familiar with the trick or treat route and write down your address on a card to put in their bag/bucket 👯‍♀️ use the buddy system! 🎃 Work on Halloween manners “Trick or Treat” and “thank you” should be your main ones- And for our kiddos who need support- consider a card they can hand out or a visual support communication bracelet like this one from the Teachers pay Teachers website (you can download for free!) But most of all- Have Fun! Please post pics of you and the kids in costumes!

Posted by Kristina F, SLP at 2022-10-28 21:59:44 UTC