Thank you because you need to hear this. Maybe no one noticed you. Maybe no one cared. Maybe you don't realize there is someone like me wishing I could shake your hand. Maybe you do not realize there is someone like me wanting to ask you a million questions. I would like to give you a hug but I am not a hugger. I hope someone noticed before I did, just simply clued in. I hope someone notices that you are a wealth of information and a vessel of stories that would not only inspire but also educate the world. I hope someone recognized all you have done before I came along. Maybe you need to take a step back to see you actually came before me. And that matters and let me tell you why. Dear special needs mama, You're the mom who paved the way before I arrived. So thank you! You're the mom who never gave up & fought the good fight. So thank you! You're the mom who never accepted the answer no. So thank you! Thank you from me & thank you from everyone else who is living a life similar to ours. It took strength but I am sure someone told you constantly how strong you are on the days you felt the weakest. It took courage which you have plenty of but you never realized it till someone pointed it out. It took being outspoken and speaking up for the kids with no voice. It took being noticed so you spoke with authority to everyone you encourtered. You made a choice to start speaking about those who need the most support. And you would not be silenced until those who are the most vulnerable actually got all the support they needed. I admire you. I admire your choice to be loud. I admire you for making a choice to fight for what is right instead of what is convenient. I admire you calling our every single politician for the lies they feed to society each and everyday. I admire your choice to fight for improvements in education for all children. Thank you fellow special needs mama. Thank you for it all because I think me and you are alike. I never imagined I would spend my life fighting so hard to have a better world for my child and everyone that comes after. Thank you for not giving up when everyone was against what you speak so loudly about. I know that experience all too well. I was ready to give up and all I had to do was think about you. Moms like us do not give up, we simply give everyone something to talk about. Thank you for making enough change in this world. Because of you my child has more than a chance. He has a life where he was not put into an institution at a young age. Society has grown. Society is educated. Society is seeing our loved ones as equals. And for that I thank you and you are the reason I will forever be the mom who speaks. We all know society still has a long way to go and I hope I am able to leave a mark on this world just like you did.

Posted by journeyforavery at 2022-11-27 13:35:52 UTC