It happened again. The “I want mommy” meltdown that consists of a water bottle being thrown at me while I am driving. I believe in doing your best to support the child in loving the other parent. But it’s extremely hard when the other parent has little or no real concern for the child. It’s been over a year now and to so much ask for an hour of their time to do a zoom meeting regarding the child’s IEP for school is SUCH an inconvenience because they work night shift. I myself have reached a point where asking for the bare minimum is beneath me. I have to keep telling myself “If she wanted to she would”. But how do I continue to cope. I have to remain strong and reserve that energy to love my daughter the best that I can and be the best dad that I can. I definitely don’t condone negative talk about the other parent, but at the same time- I have nothing to work with here. How do you help an autistic child with a deadbeat parent understand that they are allowed to feel their emotions but that throwing things is wrong? This is one of our biggest struggles. Can anyone relate? - Johnny

Posted by J_dad2Tay at 2022-12-12 22:52:38 UTC