The priorities have shifted. And honestly maybe that simply is okay. I want to tell you exactly what happened. Our kids were not in public school today. Today mattered more than school. Our kids will have so many days which blend into years of attending school. So really one day where they are not at public school. The world simply will not end if they don't attend. You will rarely hear me say that anything is more important than attending school. Like I said, it is rare. But becoming more normal for our family. The priorities have shifted entirely. Please que in all those who are judging us while reading that we let our three kids miss one day of school. Family matters more. Family can be blood. Family can be those who are there for you. Family can be anything you want it to be. Family is the one thing you always put first. While you have it, make memories within it. We are luckier than most to have family to make memories with & never take for granted. My husband & I have three kids. Avery being our oldest child, then Natalie our middle child followed by Jackson our youngest. Today we called in and let the kids miss school. Because moments we get to spend all together matter more making memories that last a lifetime then one single day of school. Making memories with those while we still can means more & holds more value than a day of public school. The priorities have shifted for our family & I see nothing wrong in that. All I see is endless value in teaching our three kids that family is the glue that keeps us all bonded together.

Posted by journeyforavery at 2022-12-13 16:39:33 UTC