Two days ago I advocated in a way I never dreamed of before. We found out at our son’s pediatrician appointment that our current health system was dropping our health insurance company. Our two oldest kids are adopted through the foster care system so they have access to health insurance through the state. This has been a HUGE blessing in our lives since they have so many medical needs, but last July the state lumped all foster and adoptive children into one group, sold the contract to Home State Health and made it to where we are no longer able to switch out of that insurance company to another managed care plan by the state. So, our health system accepts the other 2 plans, but our company didn’t accept the rates they offered everyone so they are dropping the contract. This means we will lose access to our entire care team of 7+ doctors that we have built over the last 8 years. I’m so sad. These are doctors I’ve fought for and trust dearly. They know our kids and our family and I’m devastated and frankly, incredibly worried about starting over from scratch with all new doctors. So this is me doing an interview for a local news station. I felt the need to let other people know this is happening because it will affect a huge group of families in our area who have really vulnerable kids. I never dreamed I would advocate in this way, but here we are! Feel free to send us some good vibes as we navigate this transition! Hoping we can start the process as early as possible.

Posted by Nicole Pounds at 2023-01-07 13:20:16 UTC