Hi everyone my name is Elijah and I am 23 years old I have autism and I'm looking for a girlfriend/wife im looking for someone who I can start a family with I want to have a child with autism like I have I love horses I love fidget spinners they're my favorite toy to play with I carry one with me everywhere I go I love law enforcement I have high respect for them I made 6 law enforcement officer collages which I proudly own and I love music I love the dancing kind I'm just looking for someone who has the same core values as me I have a form of autism called pdd but think that I have Asperger's even though I have never been tested I would love to date a non disabled girl who will accept me for me I'm a very loving and caring person who wants to be accepted I want at least 2 children and I want to have a son and name him after me I want my children to be mainstreamed regardless of their autism or what type it is cause I grew up in the special education system and know what it is like not to have friends so I don't want my children to go through that I just want someone who will accept me for me and want to stay a family with me and be with me

Posted by elijahbell883 at 2023-02-25 18:22:44 UTC