Yay for another week, friends! Please help us wish a very happy #welcomewendesday to all of our new members this week! @aleae924, @amyschnacker, @kendallcoleman6, @sumedha.khoche, @jjrs771, @bretyger, @Allen Tyger, @jlmasterson0611, @rldx05, @inkdharleylady, @07_linnets.pretty, @tracyakraft, @shelbymcoyne, @sarah.lappano, @taylorkb, @crisostomot, @tiffany.galicia, @jobbos, @tns87, @leapelian, @athena471, @niizuma, @@obichinedu_emmablinx, @terock81, @MJ Miller, @allie.rus, @dianemcmahon314, @natblue1002, @wallacenikkie, @William, @milticket08, @fairyinabubble, @munchkingrl813, @martabalula, @trishadeforsyth, @Laura R, OTR/L, and @thelandoftwo! If you're new here, take some time to introduce yourself in the comments!! SO glad you're all here!

Posted by Wolf+Friends at 2022-06-15 21:19:42 UTC