My 7 year old, Teddy, has some communication difficulties that we’ve learned to work around over the years. He can be incredibly literal and it produces some hilarious exchanges (fortunately, he also has a fabulous sense of humor and LOVES when he gets laughs!). Just the other day, he was having a sleepover at grandma’s house so I asked him to pack some clothes and asked him what he would need. He was able to tell me “T-shirt, shorts, underpants, and socks” so I sent him upstairs to get them. He came back with his entire dresser’s worth of clothes shoved into a large tote 😂. I forgot to tell him that he only needed ONE of each item. Then this came up today on my Facebook memories from 2 years ago (Jesse is my husband). I love that Teddy is so unique and that we can find the fun that exists instead of only concentrating on the hard parts!

Posted by Meghan at 2022-06-28 21:00:47 UTC