Hi everyone! We are so excited to introduce you to @Melanie, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist from DotCom Therapy, who will be leading you through this challenge! A few things to keep in mind over the next 8 weeks: 1. Each week you will learn about a different area of self care and will be challenged to create your own self care plan using the information you learn. 2. You can download the self care plan template below. 3. The main video will be posted every Monday with posts throughout the week to help inspire you and hold you accountable. Please check back to this group often to get the most out of this challenge. 4. Share your progress! Part of what makes this challenge powerful is the power of accountability. Share what you are doing through posts to this group + share in your instagram stories and tag @wolfandfriends.community to help inspire our community at large!

Posted by Wolf+Friends at 2022-07-10 18:30:41 UTC